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This used to be my playground...

but I'm no longer a graduate student in the Solid State Theory group of the Institute of Theoretical Physics at Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University
Some people still call me the living search-engine, though.
And according to this person, I'm The Great Surfing God.

Me in Pirano, Slovenia.

A picture from Santa Fe.
The main result of five years at the department are about 3000 bookmarks. Oh, and there are four papers and a thesis too. Find them here.
My first real world location is at the Department of Data and Information Fusion (where I work on spin models. Unbelievable, isn't it?) of the Swedish Defense Research Agency; this might however change, so emailing me there is not a good idea. Mail to this adress will however always reach me. Sometime in the future there might be something at http://go.to/xpontus too, but currently this just points to this page.

List of nerdy things overheard at work.

I am the king of nerds, according to google

Scott Summers
I'm Scott Summers
What X-Men Character are You?

These are the three coolest sites on the internet:

  • On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  • Web archive
  • Mathworld

  • The tracs programme is a quite nice opportunity to go to Scotland and do science!

    Version: 3.1
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    You can reach me in the following ways:

    Remember: Only Amiga Made It Possible


    Pontus Svenson, tfkps@fy.chalmers.se