The general goal of our theoretical research is to develop microscopic approaches to study strongly-interacting, few- and many-body systems. The methodology is computational, quantum many-body theory, and the main focus is on addressing contemporary problems in low-energy nuclear physics, as well as in the fascinating field of ultracold atom physics.

We are particularly fascinated by the separation of scales encountered in many physical systems; and we try to utilize these separations using, e.g., Effective Field Theories. At this web site you can find more background information and references on the specific research avenues that we are advancing.


We're priviligued to work together with a large number of excellent international scientists. Below is an alphabetically ordered list of key collaborators, with whom we have established long-term collaborations.

Visiting scientist program

We regularly host long- and short-term visitors in the nuclear theory and few-body physics group. Please see the latest news page for the most recent visitors.