This catalog is intended for most up-to-date pre-compiled Win32/Mingw32 dvd+rw-tools binaries, as well as accompanying mkisofs.exe specifically trimmed for usage with growisofs.

Run-time system requirements. Windows 2000 or later, period. Just download and run, no additional components are required, not even MinGW (nor notorious cygwin1.dll:-). The only additional requirement is that growisofs.exe and mkisofs.exe have to reside in the same directory. For your convenience copy all executables you download here into some catalog on your %PATH%.

Usage notes. Specify your recorder unit by letter followed by colon, e.g. D:. In other words as far as specific usage instructions go, replace /dev/dvd in growisofs manual page with your recorder Windows "letter" name you are accustomed to already.

Even though the port "targets" MinGW, running growisofs under MinGW shell does not appear to be very practical, because the latter is way too brutal with children processes. To be specific it axe kills them upon Ctrl-C without giving growisofs opportunity to accomplish due termination procedure. Conveniently enough neither MinGW component is actually required at run-time and I therefore am free to recommend to run growisofs in "vanilla" CMD console window or even under Cygwin shell. In the latter case you have to restrain yourself from using path names containing Cygwin pseudo-mount points, even though it might appear tempting.

Customized mkisofs.exe binary is formally required for multi-session recordings only.

To burn as unprivileged user set up device ACL with Nero Burn Rights.

Binaries below were verified to work correctly even under Win64. In other words, there is no need for special Win64 binaries.

If you want to compile yourself. While compiling dvd+rw-tools under either MinGW or Cygwin [latter has to be equipped with mingw and w32api development add-ons which are readily available from cygwin download sites] is as straight-forward as running make in the version 6.0 or later source directory, mkisofs.exe is to be built from cdrtools-2.01 sources in following steps:

  1. repack original tar-ball without symbolic links;
  2. apply inofficial Mingw32 cdrtools patch(*) by Alex Kopylov, a.k.a. reanimatolog.
  3. apply even less official mkisofs patch by me, which a) replaces raw SCSI I/O driver with minimally required Win32-specific routine equivalent to POSIX pread64(2), b) makes it possible to pass the handler to ISO9660 image to be grown at standard input by specifying dash as "merge" option, e.g.: -M - /files/to/merge, and c) elevates file size limit from 2GB to 4GB(**);
  4. proceed with make in MinGW environment;

    (*) the patch was originally fetched from BCDW mirror page, where you can also download pre-patched source .zip and skip 1. and 2.;
    (**) keep in mind that not all OSes can manage files larger than 2GB on ISO9660 volume, so that large file "playback" can still be limited;

Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
[   ] mkisofs-M-.diff 03-Jul-2006 16:55 4.0K [   ] mkisofs.exe 03-Jul-2006 16:38 336K [   ] dvd-ram-control.exe 29-Jan-2006 16:45 27K [   ] dvd+rw-mediainfo.exe 29-Jan-2006 16:45 43K [   ] dvd+rw-booktype.exe 29-Jan-2006 16:45 63K [   ] dvd+rw-format.exe 29-Jan-2006 16:45 36K [   ] growisofs.exe 29-Jan-2006 16:45 77K [   ] cdrtools-2.01-bootcd..> 10-Sep-2004 11:04 94K