Goals and Objectives - project work


An important part of this course will be the projects you work out together in a group of about 4-6 students. (Choose from the project suggestions - or your own project.) Ideally, a group would consist of people with different background, where you can help each other and where some group members can test material produced by other parts of the group. It seems important that the topic for your project is something you really would like to know more about, and maybe have difficulties finding good teaching material. I also hope that among the groups, topics from all three physics parts of the course will be chosen.


As part of the project examination in August you will also be appointed one other group whose project you will try out and examine closer. You are expected to give feedback (due 5 Aug) and possibly suggest modifications. You should also prepare some points to discuss at the final presentation of their work (7 aug).

After receiving feedback on Aug 5 concerning the work of your own group, from the "opposition group", as well as from a group of teachers, you are expected to revise the work as part of the presentation on the 7th.

The project itself

The WWW is a new medium, and there is still room for experiments concerning the best format. (See also the goals for your WWW work and remember to reflect, yourself, over different stiles.) However, I recommend that your projects should include at least the following
Ann-Marie Pendrill, Fysik, GU / CTH, 1997-05-17, updated 1998-05-15