Goals and Objectives Quantum physics

Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory
has not understood it

Niels Bohr

So, one of the goals is to understand Niels Bohr's claim. Another to know what quantum physics is and what quantum physics is not . I also want you to appreciate how quantum physics affects our world.

Can Nature possibly be as absurd as it seems in these experiments?

Werner Heisenberg (around 1927)

(Literature: Robert Gilmore, Alice in Quantumland and L.C: Epstein: Thinking Physics is Gedanken Physics)
Topic Activities How tested / What should be achieved?
Familiarity with main experiments and ideas Lectures, Book + read timeline (or make your own) Multiple choice test
Periodic Table, Pauli Principle, Aufbau Principle, Lecture + Browse around Webelements
Wave - particle duality, light / matter
Particles: quarks, leptons, gluons L,B, PDG CPEP, The Particle Adventure
Look at schoolbook presentations
Four Interactions Reflect on the importance of different interactions
EPR paradox

ATLAS detector - Posters
Quantum Physics dictionary

Ann-Marie Pendrill, Fysik, GU / CTH, 1997-05-17 / updated 1998-05-05