Atomic, Molecular, Optical (AMO) Physics in Sweden

This page contains links to more detailed information about the Swedish groups in Göteborg, Linköping, Lund, Stockholm, Umeå and Uppsala working within Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. It also gives a link of other AMO resources. If you feel I have missed your work (or someone else's), please tell me about additional links to be included!

Ann-Marie Mårtensson-Pendrill Dept of Physics, GU/CTH, 412 96 Göteborg

Last updated 7 May 1996

International Evaluation of Swedish Physics, NFR, 1992:

"Sweden for many years has been strong in Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics ... almost all the work is of high quality and some is outstanding"

"Sweden is a major center for theoretical calculations in atomic and molecular physics"

Research Programmes

Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University

Atomic Physics Group, Ingvar Lindgren
Laser Spectroscopy of Negative Ions Dag Hanstorp
High-Precision Electron Affinity Measurements
Doubly Excited States in Alkaline Negative Ions
Resonant Ionization Spectroscopy
Investigation of Alkaline Earth Negative Ions
Photodetachment Electron Spectroscopy
Atomic Theory
Quantum Electrodynamics, Sten Salomonson, Hans Persson
Coupled-Cluster Methods for Atoms
Relativistic Effects
Atomic Physics at the Interface to Nuclear and Particle Physics A-M Pendrill
Molecular Physics Group, Arne Rosen,
Cluster based research

Theoretical Chemistry, Dieter Cremer

Fundamental Metrology, SP, Borås, Leslie Pendrill


Beräkningsfysik, Linköping Hans Ågren
Theory and calculations of linear and non-linear properties
Spin-orbit coupling induced phenomena and spin catalysis
Theory and calculations of resonant X-ray scattering spectra
New computational techniques for analyzing electronic spectra of polymers and surface adsorbates
Molecular dynamics on a short time-scale


Atomic Physics Division, LTH, Sune Svanberg
High-power laser facility
High optical field physics
Basic atomic physics
Optical quantum electronics
Environmental monitoring using remote-sensing techniques
Industrial spectroscopical applications
Laser applications in medicine and biology
Lund Laser Centre
Combustion Physics , Marcus Alden
Atomic Spectroscopy, LU, Sveneric Johansson
Theoretical chemistry, Björn Roos



Månadsblad , Manne-Siegbahnlaboratoriet


Atomic Physics Group, SU, Reinhold Schuch
SMILETRAP Precision mass measurements of ions in a Penning trap, Conny Carlberg
Electron-ion collisions
Ion-Surface Interactions, Reinhold Schuch
Charge transfer processes for highly charged ions
Laser spectroscopy at ion beams, Sven Mannervik
Laser cooling, Anders Kastberg
Relativistic many-body theory of atomic structure, Eva Lindroth
Interaction of slow highly charged ions with atoms, clusters and surfaces, Anders Barany

Molecular physics, SU,
Mats Larsson
Molecular rotation in solid nobel gases, Rosemary Scullman
Studies of Atomic Clusters, Bo Lindgren, Ulf Sassenberg
Quantum Chemistry, SU
Per Siegbahn

Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

Physics I, Atomic and Molecular Physics
Studies of atomic and molecular structure and dynamics using synchrotron radiation
Peter Erman
Molecular physics with stored, cooled ions in CRYRING
Mats Larsson,
Fusion related atomic physics
Elisabeth Rachlew-Källne
Laser spectroscopy on molecules in the gas phase, on liquids and on solids
Femtosecond spectroscopy

Lars-Erik Berg

"Physics II" Optics
Research Programme
Physics of quantum well structures
Time-of flight measuring techniques
Stress induced light scattrering in thin films
Diode pumped lasers
Ultrafast opto-electronics
Phase conjucation and four wave mixing Thesis, Peter Unsbo
Institute for Optical Research, IOF


Laser Physics Group, Ove Axner
Laser-Induced Fluorescence in Graphite Furnaces (LIF-GF)
Optical Tweezers and Optical Scalpel for micromanipulation of biological objects.
Density Matrix formalism
Diode Laser Spectroscopy on Atoms and Molecules
Laser Cooling och Bose-Einstein Condensation, Anders Kastberg


Ultra-Soft X-ray Group, Joseph Nordgren
Atoms, Molecules, Solids (including High Tc), Surfaces, Magnets, Materials Processing

High-resolution electron spectroscopy: Ordered molecules, Molecular surfaces, and interfaces
Ulrik Gelius och Björn Wannberg
Synchrotron radiation based studies of atoms and molecules
Svante Svensson
High-resolution synchrotron-radiation bases phonto-electron spctrocopy
Peter Baltzer, L Karlsson m.fl
Laser Spectroscopy
Atomic collision physics with multicharged ions, (ECR, TSL), Anders Wännström

Quantum Chemistry, Uppsala
Muon Catalysed Fusion and Few Body Systems,
New interpretations of quantum mechanics
Applied quantum chemistry/theoretical chemistry, Sten Lunell
Non Linear Dynamics,

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