Programming Languages...

... is a touchy subject. My opinion is that anybody should be free to use whatever language he or she likes, as long as one doesn't force the choice on anybody else. My choice usually seem to be C/C++.

The idea of programming is to get the computer to do things that you don't want to do yourself. But it's not always all that easy to make the computer understand exactly what you want it to do. So why make it harder than necessary? Use a language that you like!

Somebody pulled our teeth

A problem with a C++-program is that is has to be recompiled, and probably rewritten, if it is to run on another type of computer. So they invented Java. Very nice. Works well. But as it's 'based' on C++, i keep wondering: why has some powerful features been thrown away in the conversion C++ -> Java? Somebody effectively pulled the teeth out of C++ before constructing Java.

It's so safe, nothing will never get the opportunity to go wrong

ADA is quite like C++. The only difference are the basic concepts being used:

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