Nanoscale thermal transport, at Chalmers, Nov. 10, 2014

Symposium on nanoscale thermal transport

On November 10, 2014, as a Chalmers Materials activity, we invite Scandinavian participants and international guests to partiticpate in a symposium on Nanoscale Thermal Transport. The event will be held at Chalmers, starting around noon (to allow travel), will run until the late afternoon, and will end with a mingle, measurement demonstrations, meal, and discussions in the evening.

Understanding nanoscale thermal transport is becomming essential, both when seeking to improve heat dissipation (passive cooling) and when seeking to inhibit the heat flow in thermoelectrics (for active cooling or for thermal-energy harvesting). Key challenges for progress include developments of measuring techniques, of materials synthesis and characterization, and of thermal-transport theory and modeling. Our symposium aims to bring together Swedish researchers and measurement/consulting companies as well as Nordic, other European, and transatlantic guests to exchange ideas and stimulate further interactions.

Confirmed speakers include

We are awaiting confirmation of participation from several more invitees.

Email Per Hyldgaard if you have questions or comments!

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