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Office F8028 Fysik Forskarhus

Phone:+46 (0)31-786 9139

e-mail: klavs.hansen(at)



Presently on sabbatical leave:

Institute of Physics & Astronomy

┼rhus University

Ny Munkegade 120

8000 Aarhus C, Denmark


Visiting address:

Building 1525 office 525

Phone:+45 8715 6332

Email as above


Atomic and molecular physics, FYP310, runs September-October

Statistical Physics of Nanoparticles, graduate course. Runs on demand.

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Group members

Bertil Dynefors (scientist, Chalmers) Clusters, environmental science
Sasa Vuckovic (PhD student) Cold cluster source development
Klavs Hansen (lecturer, docent)



The picture below is the two dimensional projection of the electron cloud emitted from Xe atoms when they are exposed to a 780 nm, 150 fs laser pulse. It is recorded with our velocity imaging electron spectrometer. The concentric rings represent absorption of 8 photons for the innermost ring, 9 for the next etc.


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