Reminder: things to be done before Easter
What should be done Deadline
Activity report for Leicester Done
Activity report for Onsala March 26
Exams: reports A-S-A-P
ULX referee, answer, revision Before April 1
Microquasars'spin Before April 1
Write SgrA* Before April 1
Write oscillations of torus (Michal) Michal
Applicatons for travel funds VR A-S-A-P
O P A V A     P R O C E E D I N G S A-S-A-P
KBN opinion April 1
Ulf recommandation Before April 1
LIVING REVIEW (start in Gieraltow, finish in Padova) June 20
Omer: Synge's trick June 20
Follow-up Hartle-Thorne Anytime
Equations Kluzniak-Kita Anytime
Zdenek's visit to Goteborg ???? A-S-A-P
Wieza Braninborska A-S-A-P