Pozvanka na mimoradny seminar AsU AV CR
ktery se kona v sobotu 3. zari 2005 od 10:00
v budove Akademie ved, Narodni 3, Praha 1, mistnost c. 206

PROGRAM: Quasi-periodic oscillations
Prof. Ronald Remillard
MIT, Boston, USA
A brief review of observational properties
Prof. Shoji Kato
Nara University, Japonsko
A brief review of theoretical models
Prof. Jeffrey McClintock
CfA, Harvard-Smithsonian, USA
An open discussion on open issues

The first compelling evidence of a large mass function in an X-ray transient was discovered by Ron Remillard and Jeff McClintock (then at MIT) in 1985. For a number of years this source was one of a kind (in 1992 two more such sources were identified, one of them by McClintock and Remillard in collaboration). Recently, both authors have significantly contributed to the effort of redefining the states of active accretion in compact binaries. Shoji Kato has pioneered the whole subject of discoseismology. He is a co-author of an influentional book on accretion discs and their oscillations.

http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0306213       http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0507234

Coffee and cakes provided at breaks. The anticipated closing will be at ~2PM.
Srdecne zve Vladimir Karas, vedouci seminare