The Black Hole 2004 course: Final grades
The final grade reflects not only the result of the exam, but also student's performance during the course, in particular his remarks, questions, and participation in discussions in the classroom.

"Top" means the top grade, "Top-1" one grade below the top grade. As there are here students from GU, CTH, and Erasmus/Socrates, the actual "legal" grades and points registered with the Students Office have different codings, according to rules of the three different grading systems at GU, CTH, and E/S. Please, ask the Student Office for your "legal" grade. I am very pleased to say that this was a very special class to lecture to. Your good grades reflects your good work and efforts.

Name Grade

Niklas V. Top - 1

Fredrik A. Top - 1

Martina F. Top

Marcus J. Top - 1

Diego M. Top

Martin N. Top

Daniel J. Top

Jan S. Top

Eddie B. Top - 1

Erik J. Top - 1

Gabriel T. Top