Modern Cosmology
Master Course FAS 035 (5 points)   
LECTURERS: Marek Abramowicz (GU) & Gustaf Rydbeck (OSO)
Guest lecturer: Bengt Nilsson (CTH)
   Tuesdays 13:15-15:00 (FL64)
   Thursdays 13:15-15:00 (FL72)

THE FIRST LECTURE: Tuesday, March 14, 15:15 (FL64)
TEXT BOOK: Malcom S. Longair: Galaxy Formation, Springer, 1998.
Other useful books

THE PURPOSE: This course describes Nature's darkest secret: Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Dark Energy is the most challenging unsolved problem of today's Physics. About 70% percent of the whole stuff that makes the Universe is in the form of Dark Energy, in which pressure is negative and gravity repulsive. 90% of the remaining part is the Dark Matter of yet unknown composition and nature.

EXAM: small students' research projects

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