The Universe of Galaxies 2005

Jan 25 Tue =10:00-11:45 room FL74   [=1st lecture=]
Basic concepts in physics and astrophysics relevant to this course. Measuring distances in our Galaxy.
Jan 27 Thu =13:15-15:00 room FL74   [=2nd lecture=]
Remainder of basic facts about stellar structure and evolution. General view of our Galaxy.

Feb 01 Tue =10:00-11:45 room FL74   [=3rd lecture=]
Understanding distribution of matter and rotation in our Galaxy. Matter distribution in our Galaxy: dark matter, spiral structure.
Feb 03 Thu =13:15-15:00 room FL74   [=4th lecture=]
Morphological and physical properties of normal galaxies. How "normal" are such galaxies?

Feb 08 Tue =10:00-11:45 room FL74   [=5th lecture=]
Fundamental concepts relevant to astrophysics of black holes. Circular motion around black holes. Efficiency of accretion. Eddington luminosity.
Feb 10 Thu =13:15-15:00 room FL74   [=6th lecture=]
Basic observational facts about Quasars and other active galactic nuclei. Jets, superluminal motion.

Feb 15 Tue =10:00-11:45 room FL74   [=7th lecture=]
Accretion disks around supermassive black holes.
Feb 17 Thu =13:15-15:00 room FL74   [=8th lecture=]
Observational cosmology: redshift - magnitude and redshift - angular size relations. Microwave background radiation.

Feb 22 Tue =10:00-11:45 room FL74   [=9th lecture=]
Cosmological models. Critical density.
Feb 24 Thu =13:15-15:00 room FL74   [=10th lecture=]
Dark matter. Dark energy.

Mar 01 Tue =NO LECTURE TODAY   [=due to MTS days=]
Mar 03 Thu =13:15-15:00 room FL74   [=11th lecture=]
The Big Bang and the history of the Universe.

Mar 08 Tue =10:00-11:45 room FL74   [=12th lecture=]
Problems with the Big Bang cosmology. Inflation.
Mar 10 Thu =13:15-15:00 room FL74   [=13th lecture=]
Formation of structures in the Universe.