Image Processing (RRY025/ASM420)


* CITE MY WAVELET PAPERS: If you are going to use wavelets in the near future and publish wavelet-based papers, then remember to give proper credit to what you have learned in the Image Processing course by citing the following two papers:

(1) Romeo A. B., Horellou C. and Bergh J. (2003), "N-Body Simulations with Two-Orders-of-Magnitude Higher Performance Using Wavelets", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 342, 337-344

(2) Romeo A. B., Horellou C. and Bergh J. (2004), "A Wavelet Add-On Code for New-Generation N-Body Simulations and Data De-Noising (JOFILUREN)", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 354, 1208-1222


* FIRST LECTURE: Monday 3 September at 13:00 in E-Studion (Ho"rsalsva"gen 9).

* TO DO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: Click on the "Matlab Files" link below, download, and install the Matlab files. is a zip-archive of the Matlab files for the course, which you will need from the very first lecture!

The textbook of the course is "Digital Image Processing" by Gonzalez and Woods: 3rd edition (NOT 4th edition). Starting from today (Wed 22 Aug 2018), Cremona/Store is selling the right (3rd) printed edition.

* STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES: The Education Management Support has randomly selected the following student representatives:

Karl Eliasson (,
Victor Markna"s (,
Emma Nilsson Lyse'n (,
Di Pan (

I will be happy to introduce them to all of you on Thursday 6 September, during the long lecture break (09:40-10:05).

* Welcome, Magnus (from Alessandro :-)

* Nice to meet all of you again on Monday :-)


* GIVE FEEDBACK TO THE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES: On Monday 1 October, during the long lecture break (14:55-15:20), I will have a meeting with the student representatives. Please give feedback to them: What is your opinion about the course so far?

* TRAIN WITH THE MOST RECENT EXAMS: As you know from the schedule, on Monday 15 October 15-17 and Thursday 18 October 8-12 we will train with the most recent exams. To make such sessions as useful as possible, I strongly recommend that you come prepared. WELL BEFORE these sessions:

(1) Read "One of the Exams in 2015/2016" (yes, start from that year), and brainstorm about how to solve such problems.

(2) Do NOT look directly at the help! It is much better that you think *hard* about how to solve each problem!!

(3) Then read "One of the Exams in 2014/2015" ... and so on.

When we meet in the class, we will then be able to discuss the exams constructively and without delay.