FKA121/FIM540 Computational Physics 2017


You can now find all results on the homepage.

You can now find the result for H2 on the homepage.
The reports can be picked up outside the west entrance
on the top floor in Origo north wing.

Notice, an error in Schedule for the presentation
of E5. It has now been corrected.

For E5 you do not need to use C.

You can now find the result for H1a and H1b on the homepage.
You can pick up your report at the "white boxes", at the west entrance
to the top floor in Origo north wing.

The return of H1 is today. For time and place, see "Schedule".
For contact information to Christopher and Martin, who have graded
H1, see "Contact information".

The student representatives this year are chosen at random. They are:
Mattias Sjöstedt (
Anton Mårtensson (

Send your homework problem to the assistant that is responsible
for that homework (see Schedule).
The e-mail address you find under "Contact information".

You should also hand in the code that you have used when you have solved
a homework problem (see the homepage).

Notice: There is a problem with random number generator RANDOM in c!
On the homepage, please find information on the gsl random number generator for exercise E3.

Due to the EU summit in Gothenburg it is enough if you send an electronic version
of H1 not later than 15:30 on Friday. Send H1a to Christopher and H1b to Martin.
You still need to hand in a printed paper version not later than 09:00 on Monday 20 Nov.

Slight update of MC_LectureNotes.

You can now start to sign up for the homework problem H1,
see the link to a Doodle on the homepage.
You have to write your name and make a mark in the list.
If you collaborate, please write both names on the same line.

The course starts:
Monday 30st of October 2017 at 15.15 in EB

This year will make use of the programming language c.
Please make use of the scheduled Computerlabs the first week to get an introduction to c.
You find some C introductory material under "Reference material" to the left.

Computer lab sessions in room FT7203/4
The rooms are located in the building we call "Fysiks Forskarhus",
the building in the form of a cube just south of the MC2 building.
FT7203/4 is located on the floor no 7, the floor you enter when you come
from building Origo and pass through the connection between Origo
and "Fysiks Forskarhus".

When you view the homepage, please remember to Reload the current page.