Course overview

The course is an optional part of the Graduate School in Materials Science (also nfsm)
[Includes Materials Theory, 2p (FTF100) and 4p (FTF105), thanks to the strong individualization within the course. See old homepage for comparison].

Teachers from the Materials and Surface Theory group, Applied Physics, Chalmers/GU: Shiwu Gao, Per Hyldgaard, Bengt Lundqvist, Mats Persson, Elsebeth Schröder, ...

Examiner and responsible for course: Bengt Lundqvist, Applied Physics

Aim: Introduction to practical use of in the modern materials-research laboratory.


Lecture notes, copies of articles etc. will be distributed. It should be good to have a text book in the field available, like

A book (that one has read) deserves its place on the bookshelf!


The course is given in the third quarter (läsperiod 3) and starts on Monday January 19, at 10.00 a.m. in Delfinen, Soliden, 2nd floor.


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Typically done in a quiz, homework, and project style, with written and oral reports, and a final dialogue with the examiner.

Computer projects

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Much of the work on this course will be spent on an individual project (preceded by some "exercise" projects). Read more

Textansvarig: Bengt Lundqvist