Program week 4

Monday February 9 in Delfinen at 10.00

Lectures on...

Monday - Friday:

  1. Please, register.
  2. Computer exercises:Now the full list of computer projects is available. Look up the booking list to see when the relevant supervisor is available for a brief introduction, or write her/him an e-mail.
  3. Project: The project list will successively grow. Have a look now and then to see what the problems are like. If you have made up your mind: Sign up on the sign-up list after the listing of last year's projects.
  4. Homework problems First set is still available. Write an e-mail to Mats when you start, please.
  5. Quiz: The first one available and #2 will come at the end of the week. Before taking them: Read the question list and get familiar with typical questions!
Friday February 13, in Delfinen at 10.00

Lectures on...

Project presentations, if any candidate.


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