Program week 7

Monday March 1 in Delfinen at 10.00

Lectures on...

Monday - Friday:

  1. Computer exercises:Now the full list of computer projects is available. Look up the booking list to see when the relevant supervisor is available for a brief introduction, or write her/him an e-mail. Every participant has to do prefereably two (for 2 p, with special permission, only one) computer sessions.
  2. Project: The  project list is growing, but we'll be glad to suggest literature projects at contact. If you want advice, contact any of the supervisors (some have marked their available time in the booking list). If you have made up your mind: Sign up on the sign-up list
  3. Homework problems Set #2 will soon be available. Write an email to Mats, when you start to solve them, please.
  4. Quiz: The third one will be available at the end of the week. Before taking it: Read the extended question list and get familiar with typical questions!
Friday March 5 in Delfinen at 10.00

Time will be used mainly for presentations. Follow the development on the booking list!


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