There will be about 21 lecture hours on such topics as
Teachers from the Materials and Surface Theory group, Applied Physics, Chalmers/GU: Shiwu Gao (SG), Per Hyldgaard (PH), Bengt Lundqvist (BL), Mats Persson (MP), Elsebeth Schröder (ES), ...

Very preliminary timeplan for lectures:
Time Topic Speaker(s)
Monday January 19 Information about the course etc. BL
The Physics of Materials BL
Building Materials Atom by Atom  MP
Why I like materials theory PH
Molecules and solid surfaces - two very different examples of materials theory applications ES
The Three Pillars of Mtrls Sci.: Exp., Theory, and Computer Simulations BL
Friday January 23 Material theory from different perspectives SG
The individuality of atoms in molecules and materials BL
Classes of materials BL
The density-functional theory (DFT) as a basis, introduction BL
Monday January 26 The individuality of atoms in molecules and materials, cont. BL
The DFT as a basis BL
Friday January 30 Simplified formalism for chemical bonding: Model potentials ES
Monte-Carlo & molecular-dynamics simulations, in short ES
LCAO tight-binding picture of molecules and solids SG
Solving the Kohn-Sham equations in periodic solids; Supercells SG
Monday February 2 Electron-structure calcs., pseudopotential planewave (PP-PW), VASP MP
Introduction to dacapo (PP-PW) ES
Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics (CPMD) method SG
Friday February 6 Molecular calculations PH
Full-potential LAPW method, brief introduction SG
Monday February 9 The individuality of atoms in molecules and materials, cont. BL
The DFT as a basis, soft matter BL, ES
Friday February 13 Reserve for presentations ??
"Analytical DFT" PH
?? ??
Monday February 16 Binary compounds, trends BL
Perturbation theory and diffusion in ZnS structures & oxygen storage in ceria BL
Elementary excitations and thermo-physical properties  MP
Friday February 20 Presentations BL
Time-dependent DFT and excitation properties of materials SG
Monday February 23 Materials with structural hierarchy, e.g., hard tools BL
Materials with structural hierarchy, e.g., liquid crystals ES
Materials with structural hierarchy, e.g., biomaterials SG
Friday February 27 Presentations BL
Presentations BL
Monday March 1 Examples of mesoscopic models: Structured surfaces, film- and crystal growth SO
Examples of mesoscopic models: 
Energetics of dislocations: the Peierls-Nabarro model
Parallel computing and applications to material simulations, introduction SG
Friday March 5 Presentations BL
Presentations BL

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