Project presentation.  Poster mini-conference.

The literature project presentation will be organized in the form of a mini-conference where each of small groups (2-3 persons) are supposed to make a poster and be able to defend it, i.e. be able to answer questions from other participants.

A collection of A4 pages distributed over A0 area would be the easiest way to make a poster.  Those pages can be either glued on to Whatman A0 paper, i.e. making up one piece, or attached separately to a stand by pins, Scotch tape, etc. In the latter case, one can take the poster down and make kind of compact report which is easier to keep than one big A0-page.


Some tips:

Surface Science, Physics Today, Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters, Superlattices and Microstructures, Thin Solid Films, Progress in Surface Science etc. 


Suggestive themes (some are just titles of journal articles):


Diamond thin films: principles and progress

Migration-coalescence of nanoparticles during deposition of metals on insulators

Metal nanoparticles on semiconductor surfaces towards nanoelectronic device applications

Quench-condensed metallic thin films

CVD deposition of superconductors

Ultra-flat platinum surfaces from template-stripping of sputter deposited films.

Electronic structure of coupled vertically stacked self-assembled InAs quantum disks in a vertical electric field

Diamond-like amorphous carbon coatings for large areas of glass

Liquid film spray deposition technique of transparent conducting oxide coatings

 Capillary waves in pulsed excimer laser crystallized amorphous silicon

Ion-assisted MOCVD of Pt and W in FIB-technique

Digital media disk manufacturing

Noble metal oxide thin films for electronic components

Scanning tunneling microscopy of III-V compound semiconductors

Metal-oxide surfaces

Water at surfaces

Liquid He thin films

Properties of large organic molecules on metal surfaces

Thin films and interfaces in microelectronics: composition and chemistry as function of depth

Chemisorption on electrified substrates