Andy manages Windows NT

Why mandrill to the right?

Well, what you see is about how I looked at Windows NT administration before I read the mandrill book from O'Reilly, namely Essential Windows NT System Administration by Æleen Frisch. After a number of totally useless books describing on over 1000 pages exactly nothing, but what buttons are out there, where to find 'em and why should I want to press 'em all, this book came as a gulp of cold water after many miles walk in a desert. Get one you too!

What this page is about

The objective of my job is to build robust, fine-controllable and manageable environment. In other words something I can afford being responsible for. Achieving this goal has a lot to do with security. So that everything you'll read about here should be considered in security context.

Windows NT [Terminal Server] Annoyances


Andy Polyakov <>, 040331

From Managing the Windows NT Registry by Paul Robichaux. "The Registry scares people." I myself would say that it is used to scare people. The Registry is "a central (configuration) data repository, and it's involved in everything you do with NT-based computers, from the initial boot sequence to logging in and running applications and services." "Hives aren't just for beekeepers anymore; in the Registry world, a hive is a portion of the Registry tree structure from any subkey under a root key on down."
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