After receiving my Ph. D. in June 2001 I have been a postdoc at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, at King's College in London and at K.U. Leuven in Belgium. I returned to Chalmers in January 2007 and am now a Professor at the department of Physics.

[2016-12-12] Promoted to Professor.

[2016-11-20] Awarded the Chalmers' Pedagogical Prize.

[2015-04-29] Proud recipient of a grant from the Ruth and Nils-Erik Stenbäck foundation.

[2014-12-09] GAMMA V2.0β, compatible with Mathematica 10, is released.

[2014-02-20] Awarded Guldäpplet för the 2nd time!

[2010-02-13] Awarded the pedagogical price Guldäpplet.

[2010-01-01] Appointed Vice Head of Department.

[2009-06-12] Awarded a Research Fellow position by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

[2006-10-08] Eindhoven marathon in 3.51.55!


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