The Personal Page

This page is dedicated to the more personal aspects of my life and is not updated that frequently...
[2004-08-05] Some pictures from the west coast of Sweden.
[2004-07-10] The south coast of England.
[2004-04-18] Completed my first marathon!

[2003-11-20] Participated in the anti-Bush demonstration, which ended at Trafalgar Square. Around 150000 people turned up.


[2003-10-01] My new home in Putney, London.

[2003-04-01] This is the view from my room at the top floor of the Adriatico Guest House in Miramare, outside Trieste, Italy, during the spring school there.
[2003-03-16] The spring has come to Alvesta (in Sweden).  
[2002-10-19] On the picture to the right I am dressed up as the magnificent Ghostbusters. My collegue Diederik and his friends threw a party with the theme "old TV series/movies" and he and I formed the Ghostbusters team.