August Yurgens

PhD, Prof.

Quantum Device Physics Laboratory
Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience
SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden

Tel.+46-(0)31-772 3319
Fax.+46-(0)31-772 3471
My background

•University degree from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1982);
•Ph.D. degree from Kapitza Institute (1987).

the electronic transitions (van Hove singularities) of the Fermi surfaces of pure metals and alloys, the magnetic and transport properties of the HTSC, intrinsic Josephson effect. See a summary of my research (will be updated soon).

the low temperature, vacuum and high-pressure techniques, photolithography and thin film technology, programming and data acquisition, SQUID- based magnetometry and ultra-low voltage measurements, design  of low-temperature cryostats and equipment.

Research interests:
transport and magnetic properties of HTSC, physics of vortices,
physics and application of the intrinsic Josephson effect,
semimetals: graphite and garphene, bismuth.

No. of publications in refereed journals:  60+

Teaching:  FMI015; FMI020; FKA190; FKA196

I like: nature, music (ragtime), gag cartoons, jogging, tennis, and gym.
I dislike: boring stuff.
I also have lots of ideas.