FKA 190, Modeling and Fabrication of Micro/Nanodevices

spring 2006

(Start: 25.I-2006, 9.00, Luftbryggan A810-MC2)

General information
The course runs during quarter III and quarter IV and gives 5 c.u. It is a compulsory course within the International Masters Programme Nanoscale Science and Technology. The course is also open forother students within the F/E/K Chalmers programmes. However,the numberof students from outside the Nanoscale Science and Technology programmewho can attend the course depends on the number of students within theNanoscale programme.

The students should
get practical experience in micro/nanocomponent manufacturing.
acquire skills in autonomous scientific research and projectplanning
acquire understanding of the phenomena and processing techniques invloved in their project and devices.
get hands-on experience of cleanroom work and processes in the MC2 cleanroom
acquire proper laboratory behavior (safety, chemical handling, computer use, use of labbook).
get experience from working in a research group.
get training in writing scientific reports.
be able to put the performed work and the results in a bigger context.

Course description
The students work in groups of 2 (3) students. Each group gets a specific project and a supervisor from one of the research laboratories at MC2. Based on the task of the project, the students make a plan for the work which should be approved by the supervisor. The supervisor will also give her/his input before the final work plan is decided. The workcomprises literature studies of the field and relevant processes, projectplanning, manufacturing, characterization, and writing of a scientific report.The course ends with a seminar where the students present their work.
It is required (compulsory) for each student to keep and use a lab-book during the project work. There should be one lab-book/student and this lab-book should be shown regularly to the supervisor. At the end of the course,the lab-books should be handed in together with the written report to thesupervisor. There should be one written report per group.

Grades: not pass, 3, 4, 5
Supervisor gives points on work and report (4-8 points)
Oral presentation + lab-book might give 1-2 bonus points
0-3 points: not pass
4-5 points: 3
6-7 points: 4
8-10 points: 5

No bonus points are given if supervisor gives < 4 points.

More information

Course start

Projects 2004/05

Projects 2005/06

Teams 2005/06


The form for selection of projects (1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice) should be handed to A.Yurgens before Monday, 23 January 2006. Two-three students in each group.

In case the number of students will be close to the limit of what we can handle (=number of available projects),  the Nanoscale Science and Technology students will have the first priority, thereafter students from other programmes can be admitted to the course.

August Yurgens
phone 3474