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This program for Windows 3.1 and later, make your screen unreadable by dividing it into many little squares and then drag them around. If you in the program's settings choose some pictures, the pictures will be drawn on your screen pixel-by-pixel, in a way, so that when the picture's all pixels has been shown, the picture will make sense.

There is an built-in search-engine that, when called upon, will help you search you hard drive for pictures. You can enter some specifications that the pictures found must fulfill to be considered. When a picture is found, you can choose wheter to use it. Presently, the program will find bitmaps (.BMP) and DI-bitmaps (.DIB/.RLE). I'm working on recognition of more formats.

The program has not been tested on Windows 95, but should work fine, although there might be some trouble concerning the file names - one solution might be to ask the search-engine to examine all files (*.*), not just pictures (*.BMP...). This way, the first byte of every file is examined, and the ones containing known file formats will be investigated further.

If you want a copy of your own, download it right now by pressing Shift and simultaneously click mouse-button 1 (usually left) on one of the links below. Put the program in your Windows-directory, and it will be easy testing and modifying the ScreenSaver using the Control Panel. The zip-files contain the .scr-files, and should be unpacked into your Windows-directory. Use the zip-files if your webbrowser destroys the .scr-files on downloading. On 95/98/NT, the files are to be placed in your Windows system-directory.

The program is freeware; in this case you may freely test and copy it.

As usual, I don't assume any responsibility for my programs, but they are to my knowledge free of errors.

If you have found anything strange, have a question, an idea or anything else, let me know:

E-Mail: Håkan T. J. (f96hajo@chalmers.se)
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