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Have you ever been outsmarted by Windows Minesweeper? We can't allow that, so I've created a program that will do it's best to find out where the mines have been put, just by looking at the playfield like any other human being. It can solve an entire game, or just help you out when your stuck. If you have a problem - download (SMRTMINE.EXE) SMRTMINE.ZIP. I have now fixed the program so that it should be able to recognize the images on Windows 95/98's Minesweeper, and detect the Minesweeper-window on NT.

Choose Start under Operations to start a new game. Choose One Move under Operations to make one move, one move only. (There are times when not even heavy calcultions will help - then the program will, if you allow it, pick the square associated with the smallest probability of instant death.)

Tetris & Tetravex

Sometimes I've wondered for how long a Tetris-game can be played (I always seem to die), or if there is a solution to TetraVex playing 6x6 squares. If you want to know, use (GAMEPLAY.EXE) GAMEPLAY.ZIP. Note! It might be smart to begin testing of the TetraVex-player with about 4x4-squares, as the calculations might take some time depending on your computer.

NOTE: the program only works with the TETRIS.EXE and TETRAVEX.EXE programs that were sold with some MS Entertainment Pack several years ago.

As usual, I don't assume any responsibility for my programs, but they are to my knowledge free of errors.

If you have found anything strange, have a question, an idea or anything else, let me know:

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