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I am Professor of Astrophysics (Chair) at Göteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology. In 1974 I earned my Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Warsaw University. After that I worked for several years at Stanford University and University of Texas at Austin. Later, for more than a decade, I collaborated closely with Dennis Sciama, first at Oxford University and then at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste. For twenty years I was a member of the Academic Board at the Salam's International Centre of Theoretical Physics in Trieste. In 1990-1994 I was professor of astrophysics at Nordita, the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen. My interests include accretion discs theory, active galactic nuclei, neutron stars, black holes, nature of inertial forces and quantum effects in strong gravity. I supervised more than ten doctorates, and published more than 150 research articles. 

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Name: Marek A. Abramowicz
9 June 1945, Chelm, Poland
Citizenship: Polish, Swedish
Married to: Henryka Kozicka
Daughter: Weronika Abramowicz
Son: Tomasz Abramowicz

Undergraduate studies:
University of Wroclaw
astronomy, mathematics
Master 1968

Graduate studies:
Warsaw University
theoretical physics
Ph.D. 1974
Supervisor: Andrzej Trautman

Göteborg University 2000

Present position (permanent):
Professor of Astrophysics
and Chair
Göteborg University

Past professorships:
SISSA, Trieste
University of Catania
Nordita, Copenhagen
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Marek A. Abramowicz: Astrophysics, Chalmers University, 412-96 Göteborg, Sweden, Phone: +46(31)772-3135, Fax: +46(31)772-3204