Separate source code files below are provided mainly for on-line reference purposes!
To build the tool-chain, do pick the [latest] .tar.gz archive for download!

PLEASE NOTE! Given the responses I've got after 6.0 release message apparently reached rather far. This makes me hope that this message will reach out too. I'm truly sorry, but unfortunately I don't have time to answer individual questions already discussed on dvd+rw-tools pages or on the list, discussed explicitly or implicitly. Turn to your Linux vendor or a community forum for support! Personally I recommend <> list. I apologize in advance that discussions on this list tend to derail in rather "spectacular" ways, but it's in subscribers' power to create the atmosphere, not mine. On additional note I'd recommend to keep in mind that when it comes to particular media brand support, it's your unit firmware that plays the key role, rather than recording application. In other words, do take time to actually test another media brand with your unit.

IMPORTANT NOTE for 6.0 users! Newer Linux kernels have ridiculously low default memorylocked resource limit, which prevents privileged users from starting growisofs 6.0 with "unable to anonymously mmap 33554432: Resource temporarily unavailable" error message. Next version will naturally have workaround coded in, but meanwhile you have to issue following command at command prompt prior starting growisofs:

IMPORTANT NOTE for 5.19 users! A bug was introduced in version 5.19, which manifests itself by inability to finalize recording, it takes forever to "flush cache." Apply hotfix or download patched tar-ball. If you have suffered from this bug and have non-finalized DVD±R media, you can use this snippet to "revive" it. DVD+RW media can be "finalized" with dvd+rw-format -lead-out.

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