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I work as a Research Engineer on computing-related aspects of nuclear physics experiments and theory in the Division of Subatomic and Plasma Physics at Chalmers, Göteborg, Sweden.

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Forskarhuset Fysik, F8109
Phone: +46 31 – 772 32 53
E-Mail: Håkan T. J. (f96hajo@chalmers.se)

Presentations, theses

Shows & presentations - given at various meetings.
Hunting Tools Beyond the Driplines - my PhD thesis.
The DAQ always runs - my licentiate thesis.
Tuning Intel x86 Executables - my master's thesis.


TRLO II - flexible FPGA trigger control.
ucesb - system to unpack experimental data.
δράση - [drasi] - data acquisition data pump.
ggland - command-line simulation wrapper.
WIGXJPF - evaluates Wigner 3j, 6j and 9j symbols accurately.
DPTC - firmware for FPGA trace compression.
Fakernet - FPGA firmware for TCP/IP data source and UDP control.
ntt - network torture tool - program to weed out non-hacking switches.


tagbygit - Keeping tagged versions of code and parameters by GIT.
text0sql - text files vs. SQL databases for running and analysing experiments.


C as co-supervisor, T as technical advisor.

Master projects

C Johan Rohlén
Probabilistic Neutron Tracker (presented 2009-02-02)

C Linus Trulsson, Hans Törnqvist
Probabilistic Neutron Tracker (presented 2009-06-08) (pdf)

C Johan Gill, Staffan Wranne
Evaluation of Neutron Tracker Algorithms (presented 2011)

T Ana Henriques (@ Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências, Departamento de Física)
A new Trigger Logic system for the LAND/R3B setup (presented 2011) (pdf)

T Ronja Thies
Prototype tests and pilot experiments for the R3B scintillator-based detection systems (presented 2011) (pdf)

C Julius Hagdahl
Method development and pilot experiments for the R3B micro-vertex tracker (presented 2011) (pdf)

T Malin Klintefjord
Analysis of experimental data on beta-delayed proton and alpha-particle emission (presented 2012) (pdf)

C Simon Lindberg
Optimised Use of Detector Systems for Relativistic Radioactive Beams (presented 2013) (pdf)

T Fredrik Strannerdahl
Data analysis of resonant proton scattering of 21Na in inverse kinematics (presented 2013) (pdf)

T Mikael Mårtensson
Characterisation of a LaBr3:LaCl3 Phoswich Array Using 70-230 MeV Protons (presented 2013) (pdf)

T Vedad Babic
Characterisation of NeuLAND scintillator bars and timing in the S406 experiment (presented 2014) (pdf)

T Daniel Andersson
Neutron detection with the Miniball germanium array (presented 2015) (pdf)

T Patric Holmvall
Experimental and theoretical refutation of Collinear Cluster Tri-partition (presented 2015) (pdf)

T Giovanni Bruni
How to Lighten Experimentalists' Life with Electronics (presented 2017) (pdf)

T Markus Polleryd
Convoluted Events; Neutron Reconstruction using Neural Networks (presented 2017) (pdf)

Anders Furufors
Network implementation in an FPGA (presented 2019) (pdf)

Bachelor projects

T Johan Rohlén, Erika Nettö, Julien M
Studies of pulse shapes from semiconductor detectors (presented 2007) (pdf)

T Johan Gill, Staffan Wranne, Kajsa Sols, Kristoffer Sjögren, Nina Sundström, Tobias Persson
Identification of ions by pulse-shape analysis & evaluation of Lyso scintillator crystal (presented 2008) (pdf)

C Johan Bergström, Erik Gallneby, Martin Nordström, Erik Blomberg, Julius Hagdahl, Henry Wittler
Proton beam test of CALIFA detector prototypes (presented 2009) (pdf)

C Andreas Bülling, Klas Jareteg, Gustav Risting Linnea Jansson, Robert Masgren, Shervin Shojaee
Analysis of CALIFA Detector Prototypes and Silicon Strip Detectors (presented 2010)

T Olof Ahlén, Gustav Bohlin, Kristoffer Carlsson, Martin Gren, Patric Holmvall, Petter Säterskog
GPU Implementation of the Feynman Path-Integral Method in Quantum Mechanics (presented 2011) (pdf)

C Pontus Hansson, Joakim Löfgren, Karin Skoglund Keiding, Simon Vajedi
Configuration Interaction Methods and Large-scale Matrix Diagonalization (presented 2012) (pdf)

Rikard Lundmark, Philippe Klintefelt Collet
Precalibrated Ion Beam Identification Detector (presented 2012) (pdf)

C Per Hansson, Vedad Babic, Nikita Kudelkin, Johannes Laurell Håkansson, Niklas Rosholm, Thomas Axelsson
Calibration Detector for Crystal Ball (presented 2012) (pdf)

Torbjörn Rathsman, Stefan Buller, Joel Magnusson
Monte-Carlo Simulations of Nuclear Reactions at Relativistic Energies (presented 2013) (pdf)

Robert Anderzén, Magnus Rahm, Olof Salberger, Joakim Strandberg, Benjamin Svedung, Jonatan Wårdh
Feasibility of FPGA-based Computations of Transition Densities in Quantum Many-Body Systems (presented 2013) (pdf)

Mattias Eliasson, Anders Furufors, Linnea Johansson, Thomas Lundqvist, Jens Roderus
Where is the detection limit? (presented 2016) (pdf)

Jacob Olander, Miriam Skarin, Pontus Svensson, Jakob Wadman
Rekonstruktion från detektordata med hjälp av neurala nätverk (presented 2018) (pdf)

Jesper Jönsson, Rickard Karlsson, Martin Lidén, Richard Martin
Event reconstruction of gamma-rays using neural networks (presented 2019) (pdf)

Peter Halldestam, Cody Hesse, David Rinman
Detector reconstruction of γ-rays (presented 2020) (pdf)


Lab K8 of FUF050 - Subatomär fysik (previously also lab K6)


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