Håkan T. Johansson - shows & presentations

Göteborg, 14-16 October 2008: Joint R3B/EXL/ELISe Collaboration Meeting (as NuSTAR and R3B analysis issues)

Analysis issues: Past, present and future experiments

talk also given in Stockholm, November 10-11, 2008: SFAIR möte/meeting (as NuSTAR DAQ and analysis)

GSI, Darmstadt, April 27-30 2009: R3B collaboration meeting on technical issues (as LAND02)

R3B analysis: LAND02 ? - Past, present and future experiments

GSI, Darmstadt, May 12-14, 2009: land02 workshop

LAND02 – as we love to hate it

UCESB: unpacking for DAQsters

Presented to a test panel audience at GSI august 2009. (Turns out to be too comprehensive? - a 1+ hour massive presentation.) Rehashed for:

GSI, Darmstadt, 22 February 2010, IT/EE-palaver.

UCESB: a generic tool for reading DAQ/online data

Örebro, 16-18 November 2009: SFAIR möte/meeting (as R3B/CALIFA forward end-cap readout)

R3B developments: Bigger detectors - greater problems?

Göteborg, 10 February 2010: Hunting Tools Beyond the Driplines PhD thesis defence.

Lund 4-8 October 2010: NUSTAR Week

TRLO II - flexible FPGA trigger control (Lund)

talk also given in Uppsala, November 15-16, 2010: SFAIR möte/meeting

TRLO II - flexible FPGA trigger control (Uppsala)

Extended, more comprehensive at GSI, Darmstadt, 22 February 2011, IT/EE-palaver.

TRLO II - flexible FPGA trigger control (GSI, Darmstadt)

The few more slides at the end for a LAND meeting (24 February 2011):

TRLO II - flexible FPGA trigger control (GSI, Darmstadt)

GSI, Darmstadt, 2-6 May, 2011: R3B collaboration meeting


DAQ topics: free-running vs. triggered. Policies...

Königstein, 16-20 July, 2012: R3B collaboration meeting

TRLO II - friendly FPGA trigger control

GSI, Darmstadt, Sep 11-12, 2012: R3B Analysis Workshop 2012

Command Line Simulations (version from R3B meeting in Madrid, Dec 11-14, 2012)

ggland examples (group-internal presentation at CTH, minor updates 2016)

Same place (GSI), few hours later:

Fun with gammas II

The other place (Madrid):

Some S406 DAQ highlights

GSI, Darmstadt, May 13, 2013: NeuLAND meeting

Reactions in the NeuLAND support structure

Lichtenberghaus, Darmstadt, May 14-17, 2013: R3B Collaboration Meeting

Walk-talk - S393 CFD stampede

Same place (Lichtenberghaus), next talk:

ggland NEWS

Oliver Lodge Laboratory, Liverpool, 19 - 21 Nov 2013: R3B Meeting in Liverpool


Same place (Liverpool University), next talk:

Tag by git

Master start timing jitter (never presented)

GSI, Darmstadt, 28 January 2014, IT/EE-palaver.

TRLO II with TRIMI - friendly FPGA trigger control

Lichtenberghaus, Darmstadt, June 1-13, 2015: R3B Collaboration Meeting

hbook / root / struct_writer interface & protocol

Same place (Lichtenberghaus), same day:

Trigger/Timing Distribution | DAQs Coupling Concept

Same place (Lichtenberghaus), same super-Tuesday:

Filesystems (storage)

Lund, 9-11 November 2015: Svenskt kärnfysikermöte XXXV

Wigner 3j, 6j and 9j symbols - hashing and priming

Lichtenberghaus, Darmstadt, April 3-6, 2017: R3B Collaboration Meeting

Mechanics of sticky events

Directly following:

Analysing analysis

Directly following:

Rataclock test

LNGS/GSSI, Gran Sasso, May 15-17 2017: LEGEND Workshop

Mechanics of sticky events and trace compression

Lichtenberghaus, Darmstadt, Nov 20-24, 2017: R3B Collaboration Meeting


Later same day:

Analysing analysis


ucesb - system to unpack experimental data.
TRLO II - flexible FPGA trigger control.
ggland - command-line simulation wrapper.
ntt - network torture tool - program to weed out non-hacking switches.
The DAQ always runs - my licentiate thesis.
Return of the VAX

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