ucesb - unpack & check every single bit

Bridging the gap between DAQ systems and data analysis tools

This system can help to unpack event-wise experimental data from e.g. nuclear physics experiments, and provide easy access to the various data members, in form of hbook ntuple files, root trees, or plain C structures in any program via the network, but also in user functions or for quick viewing from the command line, see the picture to the right.

It can also create plots showing the correlation between data occurring in different detector channels, sometimes helpful to quickly verify that cabling schemes are correct, see the image to the left (with several planted faults).


The source code is available through git:

git clone https://git.chalmers.se/expsubphys/ucesb.git

The README file.


The program/system is described in a write-up, acting both as a design document and a manual.

The write-up (.pdf) (preliminary version, 967 kB)

A slide-show presentation (.pdf) (2.2 MB).

Nice things said about UCESB.


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