TRLO II - flexible FPGA trigger control

FPGA firmware for the GSI-made VOLUM and TRIDI modules.

These programs and firmwares come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!

Hardware, firmware, software ?? - I am confused, help me!


The documentation cross-referenced with the interface specification: Vertical split.

The maintained original, as a plain text file: description.txt.

As a man-page (flow-charts in .pdf version ugly; use html version above): trloii(7) (.pdf).

Manual pages

Introduction / get-started guide: trloii-intro(7) (.pdf).
TRLO II control program: trloctrl(1) (.pdf).
Associated TRLO II setup file format: trloconf(5) (.pdf).
VULOM/TRIDI flash utility: vulomflash(1) (.pdf).
TRIMI control program: trimictrl(1) (.pdf).
Companion library: trlo_setup_map_hardware(3), (.pdf), trlo_read_config_file(3), (.pdf), trlo_read_event(3), (.pdf), trlo_read_sampler(3). (.pdf).


Ratatime is the unidirectional serial time distribution protocol.
Ratatrig is the serial protocol for trigger distribution and synchronisation between multi-crate systems used by the TRIMI.


A one-page contibution (.pdf) (81 MB, p. 231) to the GSI scientific report 2010.

A slide-show presentation (.pdf) (3.3 MB).

Another slide-show presentation (.pdf) (5.3 MB).

Slide-show introducing the TRIMI and serial time distribution v2 (.pdf) (1.9 MB).

And again, showing slave deadtime measurements (.pdf) (4.9 MB).

A one-page contibution (.pdf) (69 kB) to the GSI scientific report 2013.


Available (latest) firmwares.


Shows & presentations
rataser - FPGA firmware for clock, signal and trigger distribution.
DPTC - firmware for FPGA trace compression.
ucesb - system to unpack experimental data.
ggland - command-line simulation wrapper.
ntt - network torture tool - program to weed out non-hacking switches.
Nurdlib - readout library.
drasi - data acquisition system.
Hunting Tools Beyond the Driplines - my PhD thesis.
The DAQ always runs - my licentiate thesis.
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