The Jubilee 8th International Workshop
"From Andreev Reflection to the International Space Station"
with special topic "40 years with Andreev Reflection"

Björkliden, Kiruna, Sweden, March 20-27, 2004

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Submillimetron project. Bolometers for the International Space Station.
Bolometers. From Andreev Reflection to Björkliden workshops

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Organizing Committee:

Leonid Kuzmin, Gothenburg - Chairman
Michael Tarasov, Moscow - Gothenburg
Vladimir Gromov, Moscow
Ann-Marie Frykestig, Gothenburg - Secretary


sent by:
V_Koshelets Presentations A.Andreev. Jubilee lecture How it happened 40 years ago M.Blamire (Cambridge) Andreev coupling and pi-junctions in superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures V.Gromov (FIAN, Moscow) Submillimetron and Millimetron: New Generation Submillimeter telescopes jpg-dir, ppt for an Era after Planck and Herschel missions K.Arutyunov. Experimental evidence of quantum phase slip phenomena in ultra-narrow superconducting channels ppt L.Kuzmin (MC2, Gothenburg) Ultimate Cold-Electron Bolometer with Strong Electrothermal Feedback jpg-dir, ppt M.Tarasov, CTH. Superconducting THz Transmission Spectrometer Comprising Josephson Oscillator and Cold-Electron Bolometer ppt D.Rambaud. Planck HFI readout system ppt V.Zakosarenko, IPHT, Jena. TES bolometer array with SQUID readout for APEX ppt N.Oukhanski and H.-G. Meyer, High sensitive bipolar- and high electron mobility transistor readout electronics for quantum devices ppt Koshelets (IREE/SRON) Integrated Submillimeter and Terahertz Receivers jpg-dir, ppt, pdf with Superconducting Local Oscillator K.Arutyunov. Normal metal - insulator - superconductor interferometer ppt A.Andreev, Kapitza Institute, Moscow. Electron Pairs for HTSC V. Zakosarenko. IPHT. Integrated SQUID-Gradiometer for Magnetic Micro-Calorimeter ppt G.Bogomolov (KIPP, Moscow) Some Physical Aspects of the Teraherz Range Applications (jpg) ppt Oxford Instruments V.Mikheev. New Cryogen Free He3 Refrigerator jpg-dir, ppt S.Mitchenson. A product introduction and overview M.Tarasov. Electric cryogen-free cooling from room temperature down to 200 mK ppt Posters A.Anthore Tayloring Josephson coupling through superconductivity-induced nonequilibrium pdf R.Basu. Microwave oscillators with ultra-low phase noise pdf B.Thomsen I.Agulo, CTH. Electron microrefrigeration by SIN tunnel junctions A.Kalabukhov, M.Tarasov, CTH. SQUID femtoamperemeter readout for CEB

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