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Biological Physics

Historically, Life and Physics have been studied in parallel, with little or no overlap. With modern microbiology this has changed substantially, but still we seem to know physics better than life. However, there is bound to be fundamental steps in life processes, where physics plays a crucial role.

The field of Biological Physics encompasses molecular functions, biomechanics, animal studies, portions of physical chemistry, biophysics.... As biophysics has attained a special meaning, the term biological physics is today used for this type of broad approach by physicists. Biological Physics as an undergraduate education or research field is the study of the physical processes governing living systems and the study of biological system with physical methods. There are many reasons why this is an important and worthwhile endeavour for the School of Physics and Engineering Physics:

For a more detailed account see Biological Physics - bringing Life to Physics and for an interesting perspective on Biological Physics please read the short paper by Raymond Goldstein, associate professor of Physics at the University of Arizona: A Perspective on Biological Physics.

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