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The DAQ always runs

Tuning Intel x86 Executables

Simulation of Liseberg's HangOver

Some objects has been 3d-scanned.

Cook FEM on Schrödinger
Quantum corrals

Simple use of FEM.

Party Games
Write a Java-program that play Noughts & Crosses or Chinese Checkers.

Optics lab
Play around with lenses and mirrors.

Fourier stuff
Sum Fourier series.

The electric field around some positive and negative charges.

Animation of quadratic surfaces
Animation of the equipotential surfaces of a scalar field.

Complex Functions
Graphs of real- and imaginary parts of some complex functions.

Compare sortingsalgorithms empirically (qsort, heapsort, mergesort, bogosort...).

Play Games
It's fun playing games, but not half as fun as having the computer to play the games for you.

Drag'n Show, the ScreenSaver
This program make your screen unreadable...

Molecule, the ScreenSaver
The program know 32 substances.


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