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I am 34 years old, and was until 2002 an Engineering Physics student at Chalmers University of Technology - it's fun. I also like programming, and have put some small funny programs below.

The year 98/99 I made a break for doing my military service - as a weather-observer.

New stuff on this page.

The DAQ always runs
My Licentiate Thesis.
Hunting tools beyond the drip-lines
My PhD thesis.
For x86 processors
Tuning Intel x86 Executables
Not really usable yet... (But it sort of disassemble programs).
Unpack & check every single bit
Unpack files with event-wise experimental data.

For Windows
Molecule, the ScreenSaver
The picture shows (from the left) ethyl ethanoate, trans-1,2-difluorocyclopropane and ammonia. The program know 29 additional substances.
Drag'n Show, the ScreenSaver
This program make your screen unreadable by dividing it into many little squares and then drag them around. Pictures are drawn on top of this.

Play Games
It's fun playing games, but not half as fun as having the computer to play the games for you.
Useful programs
I'm still working on the useful ones...

Compatible with your Web-browser?
Simulation of Liseberg's HangOver
Cook FEM on Schrödinger
New Quantum corrals
Animation of quadratic surfaces
Animation of the equipotential surfaces of a scalar field.
Complex Functions
Graphs of real- and imaginary parts of some complex functions. To the left f(x,y)=Im(sin(x+iy))
The electric field around some positive and negative charges.
Simple use of FEM.
New Some objects has been 3d-scanned.

If your Web-browser can handle Java
Compare sortingsalgorithms empirically (qsort, heapsort, mergesort, bogosort...).
Party Games
Write a Java-program that play Noughts & Crosses or Chinese Checkers.
Optics lab
Play around with lenses and mirrors.
Fourier stuff
Sum Fourier series.

Fibre channel aspherical monochromicity
A joke...

If you have any comments, hints, questions, ideas, anything:

E-Mail: Håkan T. J. (f96hajo@chalmers.se)

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