FMI036 Superconductivity and Low Temperature Physics, 5p (2006/2007)


Runs in Quarter-3 (Läsperiod 3)

Introductory lecture:

Time: Tuesday January 23rd, 10.00-11.45
Place: Kollektorn in the MC2 building

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Contents of the course

Lectures are given in the MC2 building



Tuesdays            15.15-17.00        Kollektorn, except on  Feb. 27, then it will be 8-10 in Luftbryggan (see detailed schedule below)

Wednesdays     13.15-15.00        Fasrummet

Fridays            13.15-15.00        Fasrummet


Detailed schedule

The Book
"Superconductivity of Metals and Cuprates" is ordered at Cremona
You can also try at Bokus or Amazon


There will be two laborations:

Please down load the Lab instructions and read before the laboration:

Josephson Effect

will be held in the MC2 building room C509

Superfluid Helium

will be held in the Physics building room F4202

You should deliver a written report after each laboration.


The re-exam is scheduled for
Time:    June 5,
08.30 - 12.30
Place:    "V-huset"

The following aids are allowed:

Tefyma, Physics Handbook, Stand Math Tables or similar,Calculator.

One A4-sheet with handwritten notes.


Old Exams
Sloppy solutions for the 2004 exam  (note that you have to be more detailed than this)


Please help us make the course better by taking part in the course evaluation.
It will take you no more than 5 minutes.

You find the evaluation at:

Thak you for your help.




SC1    Notes1    Introduction to SC, demonstration, additional material
SC2    Notes2    Phenomenology, Thermodynamics
SC3    Notes3    Electromagnetics of SCs London equations
SC4    Notes4    GL-theory, SCs in magnetic field
SC5    Notes5    GL-theory, Vortex, SN interfaces, Ic
SC6    Notes6    Microscopic theory, 2nd quantization, BCS
SC7    Notes7    BCS, Density of states, BdG equations, about exitations
SC8    Notes8    Josephson effects, Tunneling
SD      Notes9    Superconducting devices, overview
HTS   Notes10   High temperature superconductors, additional material 1 , additional material 2, additional material 3

He4-1  Notes11   Introduction 4He: Review superfluid phenomena, additional material

He4-2  Notes12   BE-condensation, critical velocity, quantization of circulation

He3     Notes13   He3: Fermi liquid and super fluidity

CR1    Notes14     Low temperature properties of materials
CR2    Notes15     Cooling principles and thermometry T>1K, liquefaction
CR3    Notes16     Cooling methods and Thermometry T<1K

Ex1     ExNotes1   Exercise, calculations of tunneling integrals
Ex2     ExNotes2   Exercise, calculations of heat leaks, additional material 1, additional material 2

Other notes:

Old Lecture notes in Swedish

Useful exercises

Teachers involved

Per Delsing, Dag Winkler, August Yurgens


Jonas Bylander/Martin Gustavsson
Per Magnelind/Jesper Johansson
Fredrik Persson